Month: March 2016

USCG Captain’s License Exams

Well it’s taken quite a while to get through all the hoops, but I am not down to the last few items for my application for my Captain’s License. Last night I passed my exams for OUPV and Master of Vessels less than 100 Gross Tons. The tests weren’t as hard as I thought they would be, but I also studied like mad to assure I would pass. The hardest test, Plotting and Charting I scored 100%, so I am pleased about that. The rest of them, I didn’t score 100%, but I did well enough that I am pleased with myself. Most of the other stuff is memorization of shapes and light signals, and sounds used in restricted visibility (aka fog).

I have two more tests to take which I wish to take first rather than upgrade later and that is the sailing endorsement and the assistance towing endorsements. I’ll be taking those exams on Apr 5th, and quite frankly, other than a new detail here or there they are really extensions of what we already learned for OUPV and Masters and the answers are rather common sense otherwise.

Now once I have taken those, all I really have to do is bundle my application together and send it in.

You may call me…Captain.