Month: August 2016


So I was just browsing the job boards for fun to see what was out there and just an hour prior there was a job posted for Essex Island Marina Ferry Captain. It’s a weekend part time job, but I thought it would be an excellent way to start using my license as a professional captain, raise some extra money for American Seafarers and have some fun, meet and network with other boat captains and yachties…Oh and get some good docking practice in. So I called, and went down the same day for an interview and they picked me up. And I started that very weekend, Saturday for just a couple hours of boat orientation, and then Sunday on my own. Monday the next day I was told it was clear I could drive a boat well and that I had great people skills, and I was taken off of new hire probation after just 1 day.

It’s quite a bit of fun, and the view is great. It pretty awesome being able to raise money doing¬†something you wanted to do anyway. Here are some of the views.