About American Seafarers

American Seafarers is a Summer Sailing Youth Program we are developing to give kids the opportunity to see some incredible sights while learning important life skills that they will carry throughout their entire lives. We are building a real 75ft wooden gaff rigged schooner designed to tough working ship standards, that will sail with six kids of 15 to 19 years of age for two six week summer sessions. Our goal is to begin taking on young seafarers in the second half of summer 2018.

Our fund raising campaign focuses on developing the capital needed to buy the materials and labor needed to build the sailing vessel. Our ship is designed right down to the very bolts and timbers to support and provide the spaces needed to run the various aspects of an expedition youth development and learning program, as well as the spaces to provide kids a fun and traditional New England style sailing platform. The ship is designed to provide a full host of activities, educational programs, as well as provide that small bit of needed personal space that is not available in today’s hobby sailing platforms. Any excess funding collected at this time will be funneled directly into American Seafarers Scholarship Fund which will allow us to send ANY kid sailing with us regardless of financial ability.
The skills we are focusing on are of course, the ability to sail and the various individual skills involved as well as teamwork, leadership, accountability to one’s self, and various other skills and activities such as fishing, ocean science, sustainability, conservation, cooking and maintenance. Most importantly, kids will have a great time visiting and vacationing at some amazing places along the New England Coastline, and will come home prepared to be contributing members of society having learned what it means have some self esteem, to be part of a team and have the confidence and fortitude to tackle the challenges that life hands to all of us from time to time.

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