Founder’s Story

Scot McPherson

Scot McPherson
Founder and Executive Director

Our story begins with me, Scot McPherson. I have created a decent life for myself, and I am a successful project and program consultant in Information Security for Business and Government sectors. You can learn more about my professional history on my LinkedIn profile.

However, I wasn’t always so successful. Growing up, I was raised by very successful, and fairly wealthy parents, and as such had a privileged life, got to see some amazing things in my childhood that most people don’t get to see their entire lives. I was surrounded by an amazing extended family each of whom have become extraordinarily successful in their own right. I went to school with the children of some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the country. However, privilege is sometimes a curse rather than a blessing. Maybe it wasn’t the fault of privilege, but privilege certainly did not help my development as young person. Quite frankly, once all my safety lines were cut, I fell flat on my face and I fell hard. It took me many years on my own to stop failing and to become a successful and respected adult.

As I was growing up, I had a very hard time doing things I was supposed to do, and was only interested in entertaining myself with instant gratifications. My parents were very caring, and they took all the steps they knew how to take to help me move forward in my growth, but very little was known about how to do that when I was a kid. As it turns out, the help I was being given, ended up backfiring explosively.

Once I was out of Elementary School, I started getting kicked out of one school after the other, and though it was explained to me, I really didn’t know why. I started making really bad choices about how to spend my time and who to spend it with, and what directions to take. This may all sound normal to you, but my parents kept bailing me out of one situation to the next, and I never really learned any consequences of my actions except for the obligatory lecture, and being shuffled into a new and fresh situation so I could start anew while my parents just hoped for the best. This continued until right up until college where I failed miserably. I just languished while at school. My parents refused to spend any more money on my education if I wasn’t even going to show up to class. I joined the navy, but before I shipped off I made some more bad choices, I got in trouble with the law. I spent 6 days in jail while awaiting trial (my parents wouldn’t bail me out, and this was probably the first real right decision they ever made). The court said joining the navy was the best decision I had made, and set me free so long as I continued with the joining the navy. I lasted just over two years in the navy before they decided to cut me loose, at least I was cut loose under honorable conditions.

I was the at-risk youth. To keep an already long story as short as possible, once all my safety lines were cut, I was forced to figure out life on my own. Getting released from the Navy without a single penny in my pocket was my final wake-up call. I didn’t turn around overnight, I made lots of mistakes while rebuilding myself, but that is the day I started taking control of my own life. Over the next couple decades I have learned many lessons that are useful, and by becoming a self-made man I have realized the hows and whys I continued to fail, and I learned to overcome those problems. I want to share the benefit of my experience growing from a failed youth and young adulthood into a man who is well respected both professionally as well as within my community.