Tuition for a six-week session of American Seafarers is $18,000 per child. We offer needs-based scholarships to ease the costs, and to allow every child a chance to do something extraordinary for summer regardless of financial ability. Money should never be a reason why any kid can’t attend. Please see our American Seafarers Scholarship page for details.

Tuition Breakdown and Comparisons

Lets break down what you get and discuss the value of what’s we are offering.

$18,000 breaks down to $3000 per week.

Your kid is going on a six-week adventure, in that six weeks, your child is learning crucial life skills needed to succeed. In additional to the practical and technical skills learned crewing a sailing ship, your child is also learning what it means to be reliable, a team-member, a successful leader and how to manage interpersonal relationships and boundaries. We believe our platform is the best platform for demonstrating, in practice, how these skills contributed to our successful voyage BECAUSE your child is an active participant in CREATING an amazing experience that we all share. The children will come home having the best summer he or she could have, and they made it happen. What better way is there to bolster a kid’s confidence and functional optimism?

Beyond those intangible but in our estimation the most important aspects learned, your child also earns internationally recognized certifications from the American Sailing Association. The 4 certification courses comprising the base competencies, total 8 days of coursework combined with a cost of $2200. The advanced certification courses and endorsements are priced at $4770. The total cost for the full ASA curriculum is approximately $6970. Go ahead and price it yourself. I started at the ASA website searching for least expensive certified ASA schools closest to home. Most schools are only certified to offer the basic level of courses, and you’d quickly find yourself flying across the country to different schools in order to complete the advanced curricula, so don’t forget to add the cost of travel to and from each of those schools’ locations.

We are going on a six week cruise to visit a new destination 2 or 3 times each week. A bareboat sailing charter costs vary greatly depending on size, age and state of repair of a the boat, but checking prices in the greater New England area shows that rates can vary from $2000 to $5500 per week. Just to really cross the t’s and dot the i’s on the value of our summer program, lets go ahead and use the lowest rate of $2000. Six weeks at the cost of $2,000 is $12000. $12000 is how much it would cost you to rent a live-on-board sailboat for six weeks. That’s without hiring a captain, or a guide, or sailing instructor, and that’s not even counting ASA certified sailing lessons. Again, please feel free to do your own cost searching.

The cost of uniforms is included in the cost of tuition and includes 8 T-Shirts, 3 Polo Shirts, 2 Long Sleeve T-Shirts, 2 hoodies, and 2 baseball caps, all with a cost of about $450 combined.

So that’s a value of $6970 for getting certified to sail at an advanced level, lets say $12000 for the equivalent of a cheap 6 week sailboat rental, and $450 worth of clothing for a total value $19420, and that’s if you get the cheapest deals (not necessarily good quality) and do not include any cruise add-ons, hiring of guides or captains, or travel costs to and from the sailing schools. Now couple that with the fact that this is a youth development program. Yes it’s a sailing school, yes it’s a amazing vacation for your children, and yes your kids will also gain the value of a program that fosters those crucial life skills that can only be earned by being a contributing part of a successful team that gets something real and tangible accomplished.