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The Second Leg to Kittery, ME

Navionics Waypoints

Boy it sure takes a while to get back into the swing of things after the holiday season. I and we have been so busy cooking and spending time with family, spending time with our own kids, and me working…

Sailing to Kittery Maine


So my latest adventure included joining a contract in Kittery at the Navy Shipyard. The drive is about 2 1/2 hours each way from where I live in Waterford CT. Although I am accustomed to lengthy commutes, that my friends…

Local Stripers are Getting Bigger.

So all summer long I have been watching the Striped Bass grow. When I started working here earlier this summer, I had a 12 to 13 inch striper jump into my boat. Of course I set it free, and did…

Crummy weather

Yeah, it’s crummy out. Not storming, not freezing, but that drizzling breezy rain, just enough to keep you wet even when under the cover of a Bimini.

The Underbelly of the Marina

I figured you’ve seen enough afternoon and sunset pictures. When I came into work is was just a few minutes before dead low tide, so you can see under the docks and where the sea walls have pulled away over…

Some cool yachties

These last several weeks have been a lot of fun running the Essex island ferry. I have made some great friends of the regular Marina guests. However, these last two evening have been especially fun. I had an amazing time…


So I was just browsing the job boards for fun to see what was out there and just an hour prior there was a job posted for Essex Island Marina Ferry Captain. It’s a weekend part time job, but I thought it would be an excellent way to start using my license as a professional captain, raise some extra money for American Seafarers and have some fun, meet and network with other boat captains and yachties…Oh and get some good docking practice in. So I called, and went down the same day for an interview and they picked me up. And I started that very weekend, Saturday for just a couple hours of boat orientation, and then Sunday on my own. Monday the next day I was told it was clear I could drive a boat well and that I had great people skills, and I was taken off of new hire probation after just 1 day.

It’s quite a bit of fun, and the view is great. It pretty awesome being able to raise money doing¬†something you wanted to do anyway. Here are some of the views.