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Local Stripers are Getting Bigger.

So all summer long I have been watching the Striped Bass grow. When I started working here earlier this summer, I had a 12 to 13 inch striper jump into my boat. Of course I set it free, and did so right before I thought about pulling my iPhone out to take a shot. No picture, didn’t happen right?

That’s ok, I have been watching these fish grow all summer long a little at a time. These fish are _almost_ big enough to keep. They are about 24 inches right now.

Let me tell you something. An iPhone is really not a great camera for trying to take pictures into the water at any hour let alone at night, but these guys were just asking me to take their picture so here are two better shots, not good shots, just better than the rest. The first gives the scale of the fish, see if you can find it. The second shows the fish eyes reflecting the flash from my iPhone camera.
Almost time to bring out the fishing rod.