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West Marine Blue Future Grant Recipients


We want to thank West Marine for their generosity and effort to help create and improve programs like ours a possibility. We are honored that West Marine has included us in the short list of recipients for Spring 2017.


From West Marine’s Website:

“No one understands the needs of a community better than those living and working in that community,” says Deb Radcliff, West Marine Senior Vice President, Marketing. “We think these special organizations are doing incredible work to improve access to the water, teach valuable job and life skills, and encourage young people from all backgrounds to create and treasure their very own waterlife experiences.”




Keystone Capital Project Fund Raising almost there

Hello friends, supporters and fellow seafarers, I have pretty much just put the finishing touches on our fundraising page on I just have to wait until a few more ducks are in a row, and I will be launching…

Filing for 501(c)(3) Not for Profit Status

We have taken the next necessary step to making American Seafarers a reality. Today marks the day that we completed and sent off all the documents required for incorporating the fund raising side of American Seafarers allowing us to raise…

About American Seafarers

American Seafarers is a Summer Sailing Youth Program we are developing to give kids the opportunity to see some incredible sights while learning important life skills that they will carry throughout their entire lives. We are building a real 75ft wooden gaff rigged schooner…