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A Northern Winter on a Sailboat

I am not going to write about the wonders of winter sailing. I sailed to Maine in the Month of December before it really froze up here (I still had to break ice in Plymouth, MA to get out of that harbor), and I will tell you winter sailing isn’t much fun. You don’t do it because it’s a relaxing voyage, you do it because you have a purpose. I sailed here to Maine so I had a place to stay while I worked on a contract at the Shipyard. Living on a boat in winter is a different experience, although I have the advantage of shore power while docked, managing heat is still an issue when it gets super cold, like 25 degrees below zero and the wind is blowing through the harbor at 45 knots. Then it’s just hunker down under a few layer of blankets while the heater’s real job is to keep the bilge and bilge pump from freezing.


Here are a few pictures of a nautical winter wonderland.