Places We’ll Visit

Although our curriculum is always being expanded and improved to include the very best sites to visit, here are some of the locations your seafarers can expect to visit.

Connecticut River Museum – we’ll start out our voyage with our first stop at the Connecticut River Museum in Essex CT. Here we’ll see lots of wooden boats, and see exhibits about how maritime history was important to New England and how New England was the source of fueling the US economy with the main source of liquid fuel for heat and lighting prior to the discovery of petroleum based fuels. We’ll also see the Turtle, the worlds very first submarine invented in 1776.

Mystic Seaport – Mystic really requires no introduction, however the seaport is a historical landmark. The entire seaport is a museum and exhibit demonstrating all the people and skills required to keep an age of sail maritime industry running. Mystic Seaport is also home to the only still surviving and operable wooden sailing whaleship, the Charles W. Morgan; however, hasn’t engaged in whaling since 1921. In addition to the Morgan, there are also operating workshop exhibits dedicated to the actual manufacturing and maintenance of the equipment and materials needed to build and maintain these great ships. My favorite exhibit is the blacksmith, but there are many others such as the Cordage House where ropes and hausers are twisted together, the Sail Loft where sails are made and repaired, and the Chandlery where shipboard supplies are sold.

Rose Island Light House – although decommissioned several decades ago when the bridge spanning the Narragansett bay was built, she has been restored and is once again operating as a navigational light house. Visitors can come see the lighthouse, spend the night or week as guest lighthouse operators performing all the duties of maintaining and running the lighthouse. We’ll spend the night at the lighthouse and learn what’s involved in keeping this navigation aid maintained and running.

Block Island – although not during the time of year we’ll be visiting, Block Island is legendary for Stripped Bass Fishing through the months of October and December. What we will be visiting here however is one of the most amazing spots for surf beaches in New England.

Martha’s Vineyard – we’ll make a day stop and visit Oak Bluffs village.

Nantucket – Nantucket is home to the world’s largest and considered the most important scrimshaw collection and the world’s only intact and in place two story beam press used in the whale blubber candle making process. At the Nantucket Historical Museum, we’ll see these exhibits and others including a research library where your kids can read original logs and writings of whalers and whaling captains including first edition prints of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

Province Town – P-Town is simply a cool little town at the tip of Cape Cod. We’ll spend a day here letting the kids visit the various shops, there is a wonderful fudge and toffee shop where they pull the toffee right out in the front of the shop, a great kite shop with all kinds of flying toys and kites.

Cape Code Maritime Museum – Hyannis, MA – among many other excellent exhibits, is home to Sparrow Hawk, the oldest surviving ship from the Colonial era. She set sail from the England in June 1626 and wrecked six weeks later off of Cape Cod. She is noted for being the earliest ship built to have survived to the present day.

Boston – Quincy Market, the largest fish market maybe in the world complete with lots of restaurants serving all sorts of New England fare.

Whale Watching off of Cape Ann, MA

Gloucester, MA – Home of one of New England’s largest fishing fleets, and also the original home of the national geographic’s Wicked Tuna TV show. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet David Marciano or one of the other fellas. Gloucester is also home to Phil Bolger and Friends, one of the most prolific watercraft design outfits in the world. Although Phil is no longer with us, he is credited with designed literally several hundred different designs of watercraft for recreation, for work, and also for the navy and coast guard.

The Maine Island Trail – Here we’ll spend the bulk of our small sail training. We’ll be bringing along with us, three cutter rigged sailing dinghies.

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