What We’ll Do

Your sailors will primarily be focusing on learning how to sail, and be part of a sailing crew. Between sailing legs, we’ll be visiting important maritime destinations and your sailors will have some down time to relax on the beach or visit the local shops. However, we are going to have some fun as well as making some real world contributions.



We’ll provision partly on the bounty from the Sea as mariners have since the beginning of recorded history. With six weeks on the water, there will be plenty of opportunity for fishing.


Snorkling and SCUBA Diving

At some of our destinations, there will be opportunity to get into the water and explore what’s under the sea. There are wrecks and reefs full of interesting fish and life that you can’t see any place else. Additionally, learning to SCUBA dive is itself an amazing experience in and of itself and opens another world to your sailors.


Citizen Science

During our voyages, we’ll be participating in some citizen science. This is a crowd sourcing effort by the scientific community to gather data for real science. Projects could include:

  • seining the water for particulate plastics, counting the type and number of pieces, and using a microscope to measure the size of each.
  • taking measurements of the temperature and oxygen levels within Long Island Sound.
  • taking samples of the bottom, and recording what macro and microscopic animals are found in each sample.
  • Catching, tagging and releasing fish.
  • or any other project that is in demand and suitable for our sailors to participate in.