Fund for American Seafarers

The Fund for American Seafarers, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, listed on Guidestar. Our mission is to connect today’s youth with the natural wonders of the sea and historic landmarks of America and to educate our children to become our future stewards. Kids love learning about their own world, and the thousands of miles of eastern american coastline is a great place to do it. If you haven’t been sailing along the east coast of the United States, you really need to do it. It’s an amazing experience to see all the wild life both in, out and around the water and sailing is an experience that teaches us our self worth and frees the soul, and shows us that anything is possible over the next horizon. Being a key part of how we got there is as uplifting as can be.

Research has shown that environmental education has a huge benefit for all Kids. They grow more engaged in their work and perform better in every subject through their connection with the real world. Place a kid on a sailboat, and watch their eyes absorb all the details of how and why the boat is moving, and they’ll automatically want to learn how to make it perform better. Put those kids in a pair of sailing dinghy and watch them race around trying to get the boat to go faster and faster. All this leads kids to want to do better, and through self reliance and realization kids automatically want to put in more effort. Through sailing, they experience nature first hand, they get to touch it, move upon it, explore it, smell it, breath it, swim in it, learn about it and automatically experience a healthy lifestyle while doing so.

We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to grow and learn about the wonders of the sea and about our maritime history. We are currently developing programs that will allow us to send ANY kid sailing, regardless of financial ability. In doing this, they cannot avoid being changed for life in their outlook, optimism and understanding of the natural world and our role within. Go get sailing and experience for real what you could never learn from just reading a book or watching a movie.

Our Mission is twofold, to raise the funds necessary to help seafaring youth programs develop and build expedition style sailing platforms that are designed rather than repurposed to provide the highest class of sailing programs available to our nations youth, and provide the funds to youth who wish to attend these program, but are financially unable to attend on their own. We believe every kid should have the chance to do something amazing and to develop those life skills that are necessary for sustained success.

Help us make a difference in their world, so they can change the world.  Show them through hands on experience how important the health of the sea is to everyone. Together, one child at a time, we can make the world a better place for them and ultimately all of us by creating the future stewards of our planet. To learn more about how you can help or make a donation please contact us at:

(860) 694-8466