Affiliate Links

Dear supporters,
In an effort to make helping us easier for you, Amazon and West Marine are sponsoring our organization through their Affiliation programs. If you aren’t ready to give directly, but still have products you need to purchase, then please take the time to bookmark these links and use them whenever you make a purchase from these sources. A portion of your purchase will be donated directly to American Seafarers, and the best part? There is no additional cost to you whatsoever and every dollar will help get more kids on the water. If we can get all of our friends and family to start using Amazon and West Marine using our links, the impact all of you as a group can make could be staggering.
West Marine and Amazon like to help non-profit causes, and they are willing to give a little if you’ll take the time to use our links to get to their site.
We want to say Thank You ahead of time for every purchase you make through here.