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Building Schooner Escapade

Capital Project – $425,000

Our first round of funding will be used to build out the first sailing ship platform. We have budgeted approximately $425,000. This includes the funds necessary for the estimated Space Rental, Services, Labor and Materials.

We are planning to build Schooner Escapade at Essex Boat Works of Essex, CT. Essex Boat Works has a several hundred year history of building and launching wooden ships, and we want our ship to be part of that proud tradition. Additionally, they may be the only marina in the region capable of handling and launching such a large vessel once it has be built.

Any remaining unused or excess funding will be funneled directly into the American Seafarers Scholarship fund.

American Seafarers Scholarship Fund

Annual Scholarships Fundraising Goal – $216,000

We will running annual fund drives to collect money so that every kid can be sent to camp. Our goal is to raise at least as much as required to send one full summer’s worth of kids through our summer sailing programs. The goal is to raise $216,000 each year during the academic season to assure that every kid gets to go regardless of financial ability. No kid should ever be told they cannot go because they cannot afford to go. If we exceed our goal, or if any of the funds go unused in a given year, the excess funds will be automatically added to the following fund raising year to relieve some of the burden of our regular donors, and/or to cover any scholarship fund raising shortfalls should they occur.