Recent research suggests that children have a deficit of many skills that are critical for success and contentment. These are not the common core academic skills in which we invest so much time, money, energy, and attention. Instead, leading educators, researchers, and employers are focused on life-skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, grit and empathy.

It is very exciting to see that these crucial life-skills are being recognized once again. We can help your children learn to become more successful.

At American Seafarers, we call these skills “The Great 8”:

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Creativity
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Leadership
  6. Grit/tenacity
  7. Self Control
  8. Optimism

We deeply believe that the American Seafarer platform is the best environment to both actively and automatically foster this skills and that a child who develops these skills will be primed for success and happiness in life – from the home to the college campus to the workplace. The “For Parents” sections describe the recent research that helped us identify this list of outcomes for your child.

Before we describe the research, it is worth noting three aspects of American Seafarers that makes us a rich environment in which to learn these skills.

First, we are a 95% tech-free community. As their screen-to-screen time grows, kids spend less time cultivating face-to-face skills. At camp, we reconnect without the electronic umbilical cord. In fact, camp is the only place I know where 15 year-old boys will put down their game consoles and teen girls will put down their phones AND be happy about it! Due to the length of our program, we allow our seafarers to enjoy 15 minutes of personal phone or tablet time each evening before bed so they can update their friends and family about their adventures.

Second, our leaders are known for their ability to care about your child, connect with him/her and be a powerful mentor.

Third, your child will be part of a team that succeeds only with the contributions of each crew mate. The realization of being a real part of why we are able to visit each destination provides your child with the satisfaction of being part of a real team with real rewards and the camaraderie of a true fellowship.