Summer camp brings back the values of generations past. Teaching kids to be responsible, accountable, respectful and self reliant as they were taught generations ago.

We know Grandparents enjoy the gift of education and giving their grandchildren every opportunity to succeed.

Summer Camp is a way to bring kids back to the halcyon days you remember when the summer days were long and hot. You spent the days running over the fields and through the small towns with your childhood friends. The adventures were bound only by the imaginations of the group of friends playing together.

Although our fields are the coast and deep blue sea, our sailing program at American Seafarers brings that environment back to kids born in the information age. The kids are not permitted to have personal cell phones, computers, tablets or other technology during the normal course of the day. We practice being fully present with each other. The gift of listening, talking and being fully present with another human is one of the best we can experience.

And don’t forget, sailors always love receiving letters from Grandma and Grandpa while at sea. Although its hard for U.S. Post to reach us, we allow our campers 15 minutes of each day to send and receive those correspondences electronically on their phones and tablets for a short spell before light outs.