Articles of Agreement

When a mariner joins the crew of a ship, the crew and the captain or master of the vessel sign a document called the Articles of Agreement. This document ordinary refers international and US laws regarding being responsible crew members and how much the crew will be paid when they are discharged from the crew.

For our seafarers we also have an Articles of Agreement, but the Articles are more spelled out rather than referring to existing laws that govern the treatment, fair payment and governed responsibilities of professional and licensed sailors.

These is a representation of articles the Seafarer, the Seafarers parents and the Captain shall agree upon:

I,________________________, hereafter known as “the Seafarer” and Captain Scot McPherson, hereafter known as Captain or “the Captain” agree to the following articles.

  1. The seafarer understands, that this agreement and all articles listed below are so the seafarer understand what to expect from this program and for the safety of every soul aboard, and will obey and adhere to every Article and order given by the captain.
  2. The seafarer shall be aboard the captain’s schooner for a fun and amazing six week voyage that will include making port at historic locations and vacation spots, as well as spending at least one extended voyage on the water for a minimum of three full days(72 hours) out of sight of land.
  3. The Seafarer will obey all lawful orders from the captain and as such, the Seafarer understands that the captain is most concerned with the safety of every soul aboard. If the captain barks an order, you will do it without explanation, even if you don’t understand why the order has been given. Often the reason will be apparent, but if explanation is needed it will come later as a learning opportunity and not while the order is being given.
  4. Every seafarer will stand watch for 4 hours each day whether that is in 2 hour intervals or 4 hour intervals. While at dock or anchor watch standing will be around the clock to ensure the boat remains securely at dock or anchor, while underway watch standing involves active scanning the waters ahead to avoid collision.
  5. Seafarers will not enter berthings, except their own under any circumstances. Your berth is your private space, respect others’. Depending on severity, breaking this rule may result in loss of privileges up to and including dismissal from the program. (*)
  6. Sexual harassment, assault or misconduct of any kind will result in immediate dismissal from the program (*). Your things will be packed and you will be escorted off the vessel at the nearest available dock. The authorities will be informed and your parents will be informed. This is a zero tolerance 1 strike and you’re out policy and is to protect well being of every seafarer aboard. Seriously, don’t do it!
  7. Drugs and alcohol are expressly forbidden. Discovery of drugs or alcohol on your person or belongings, or being discovered intoxicated whether onboard or on land will result in your immediate dismissal from the program. (*)
  8. Prescription medication which has been validated by your parents and doctor shall be kept locked up by the captain and available only as prescribed by your doctor. Additionally, if you are prescribed medication you will be required to take the medication at the prescribed intervals.
  9. Stealing or possession of any article which does not belong to the seafarer and for which permission has not been granted to take or borrow possession of said article will result in the immediate dismissal of the seafarer from the program. (*)
  10. At the end of the program, the seafarer will be awarded completion letters for their earned American Sailing Association certificates (shall be mailed from ASA, please allow 6 weeks for processing and delivery)
  11. At the end of the program, the seafarer will be awarded a letter of service and CG-719s (coast guard sea service form) for 6 weeks of service time at sea.
  12. At the end of the program the Seafarer may take home all uniforms, insignia and memorabilae provided at the beginning, during and end of the program.
  13. The Captains Mast, a year book created by the captains and seafarers each summer will be mailed to the seafarers address of record after it is published.

(*) – Dismissal from the program includes your person and belongings being removed from the vessel at the next port, your parents being notified of your dismissal and where to make arrangements to retrieve you (we will not abandon you, we will remain while awaiting your parents or until you have been picked up by the arranged transportation or the authorities as required); if appropriate (for example but not limited to, sexual assault) the authorities will be notified of the offense that led to your dismissal; all uniforms, insignia and AS memorabilia will be confiscated; tuition and expense account will be forfeited in full; any benefits such as certifications and sea service time, and year books and alum membership and benefits will be forfeit.